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Mailhat MNHN LIM148 correct metatarsal II and you will fragment out-of metatarsal III (middle distal part) (which really works, Fig

Clinical Paleontology

regarding Pech Desse: step 1 best mandible to the tooth row p3-m2 (USTL PDS1360), (a) labial, (b) lingual, and you will (c) occlusal views. off Mailhat: dos leftover maxillary that have root away from D2 and you may D3, damaged D4, and you will M1-M2 (MNHN LIM150); 3 best metatarsal II and you will limited limbs III (MNHN LIM148). The scale pub is actually 2 cm.

Holotype referred specimens information

Holotype. After the Brunet Sudre , i envision since holotype toward kinds Lophiomeryx chalaniati the new specimen BM34960, a remaining mandible that have d3-m3 (, Fig. 17; , Fig. 16), from La Sauvetat (MP25, France).

Referred specimens. step 3.3); MNHN LIM150 juvenile leftover maxillary with D4–2 (M3 isn’t exploded), additionally the enamel sockets of D3 and D2 (old matter from inside the Br.a dozen Cerv. Continue reading »